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Classic Brazil Films DVD: 1940s

Classic Brazil Films DVD: 1940s Review

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Classic Brazil Films DVD: 1940s Feature

The people and culture of Brazil are brought back to the screen with this rare collection of historical films about Brazil. Many of the films are propaganda pieces that promote the people of Brazil because of Brazil's contribution to the Allies during WWII. Table Of Contents: (1) Brazil Gets The News (1942) - Amazing footage of Brazilian Newspaper Agaseta, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Promotes the Brazilian press as free and modern during the times of WWII - 10 Minutes (2) Brazil At War (1942) - Great film about the Brazil's contribution to the Allies during WWII. Explores the similarities between Brazil and America and documents the history of Brazilian Expeditionary Force in Europe - 10 Minutes (3) Good Neighbor Family (1943) - Bizarre film that tries to explain how Americans and Latin Americans are similar especially when it comes to family life - 17 Minutes (4) Rio Honors General Ike (Newsreel footage) (1946) - Future President Eisenhower inspects the Brazilian Army - 30 Seconds (5) Brazil: South American Medley (1948) - Travelogue of Brazil with lots of footage of the people, culture, and customs of Brazil - 11 Minutes (6) Belle Horizons (1949) - A wonderful documentary on the planning and development of Belo Horizonte in Brazil - 17 Minutes (7) Brazil Wartime (Newsreel footage) (1952) - The President of Brazil gets re-elected in 1952 - 1 Minute

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